Setup Time Reduction software is loaded with features

  • Setup Time Reduction allows you to:

  • Identify your current setup procedures step by step.

  • Develop an implementation planner. As you determine how to improve your setup, you develop an Implementation Planner. This planner is where you make assignments with due dates, and identify improvement time and the associated costs.

  • You can examine the Return On Investment for every improvement you plan, in order to determine if it meets your company guidelines for financial payback

  • Generate new setup procedures as improvements are made to ensure setups are repeatable.

  • Monitor the progress of multiple projects quickly and easily.

  • The system manager can provide read/write or read only access to any employees.

  • Generate pareto charts to simplify identifying the most time consuming tasks

  • Generate pareto charts by activity to identify the most time consuming activities.

  • Maintain accuracy of information with pull down lists of employee names, training names, job names, departments, job classifications, employee status and shift.

  • Simplifies the preparation for presentation of your results of setup time reduction.

  • Setup Time Reduction adapts to you, you don't adapt to it!

Far too often, companies find that they have to adapt to the software they purchase, or have someone customize the package at a high cost. Unlike other packages, Setup Time Reduction was designed to be adaptable to the user. The Information you customize are:

  • Organization information

  • Return On Investment guidelines

  • Team membership

  • Projects

Achieving rapid setups in your company is now possible

Many companies fail in their efforts to achieve rapid setups due to the fact that they have no accountability or progress tracking. Reporting of progress is time consuming and the effort falls by the wayside. Setup Time Reduction Software solves most of these problems freeing you up to motivate and encourage completion of rapid setups.

The reports available in Setup Time Reduction software are designed to provide all the reporting you need in order to make progress reporting easy. The reports include.

PARETO CHARTS: By activity code and by element time.
ELEMENT SEQUENCE: By element number, or by the time each takes to complete.
NEW PROCEDURE: Showing all improvements made. This document should be used during setup so everyone does their setups correctly.
SUMMARY OF IMPROVEMENTS: Lists all the improvements that have been made to the setup.
IMPLEMENTATION PLANNER: This is a complete listing of all the steps identified to implement the improvements identified for your setup.
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Provide financial detail for each improvement and can be provided in a detail or summary report.
PROJECT TOTALS: Displays the time that is reduced in the setup based on documented improvements.

Presentations on progress become a breeze

No more extensive preparation for presentations. The reports provided by Setup Time Reduction are designed so that no time is wasted in preparing for presentations.

The Guide To Achieving Rapid Setups

In order to get the most benefit from the Setup Time Reduction software, you will receive The Guide To Achieving Rapid Setups by Jerry W. Claunch.

This guide is to be used in conjunction with the Setup Time Reduction Software and will take you step by step through the implementation process to achieve "RAPID SETUPS" As steps are presented, you will be instructed on when to update the software, and will be referred to the Software User's Guide to make those updates.

Following the steps presented in this guide will ensure you get the reductions in setup time at your facility. This guide was developed in application not from a theoretical viewpoint. The steps contained in this guide are used by many companies today in their setup time reduction and are proven to work.

30 day unconditional money back guarantee

In order for you to have an opportunity to evaluate Setup Time Reduction for yourself, you have an unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Setup Time Reduction, in 30 days, simply notify C A Software, Inc., return the software in its original packaging and you pay nothing.

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