Course Name


Aerospace Quality Requirements 3 days
Advanced Quality Method 3 days
Advanced Set-Up Time Reduction 1 day
Advanced SPC 1 day
Baldridge Award Assessment 2 days
Basic Supervisory Training 3 days
Basics For Buyers 2 days
Benchmarking 2 days
Bills Of Material 1 day
Buyer/Planner 2 days
Capacity Planning 1 day
Concurrent Engineering 2 days
Change-Over Time Reduction for Food Processing 2 days
Change-Over Time Reduction for Cosmetics Manufacturing 2 days
Customer Service 2 days
Design For Manufacturability 2 days
Decision Making Using Data 1 day
Design Of Experiment (Shanin) 4 days
Diesetter training for Press Brakes 2 days
Diesetter training for Punch Presses 2 days
Downsizing Task Analysis 1 day
Effective Meeting Planning 1 day
Executive Overview Set-Up Time Reduction 1 day
Facilitator Training 1 day
Failure Mode and Effect Analysis 2 days
Flowcharting 1 day
Fundamentals of Quality 2 days
Fundamentals Of Variation 1 day
Gantt Charting for Results 1 day
Gap Analysis 1 day
Geometric Tolerancing 2 days
Integrated Product Delivery And Support 2 days
Internal Customer Service 2 days
Inventory Management Systems 2 days
Inventory Accuracy 1 day
ISO 9000 Quality System 2 days
Just-In-Time Manufacturing 2 days
Just-In-Time Purchasing 1 day
Kaizen 3 days
Kanban Inventory Management 1 day
Make Ready Time Reduction (Printing) 2 days
Management Training 2 days
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) 2 days
Master Scheduling 2 days
Material Requirements Planning (MRP) 2 days
MRP Interfaces 1 day
Negotiations 1 day
Part Cost Analysis 1 day
Personality Styles 1 day
Preventive Maintenance 2 days
Problem Solving 1 day
Process Capability Studies 2 days
Process Flow Analysis 2 days
Process Mapping 1 day
Process Re-engineering 3 days
Procurement Fundamentals 2 days
Product Cost Improvement 1 day
Project Management 2 days
Pull Manufacturing System 2 days
Quality Function Deployment 2 days
Quick Die Change 2 days
Rightsizing the Human Resources 2 days
Self Directed work teams 1 day
Set-Up Time Reduction 2 days
Set-Up Time Reduction for Injection Molding 2 days
Set-Up Time Reduction for Machining 2 days
Seven Quality Tools 2 days
Statistical Process Control 3 days
Statistical Process Control Assessment 2 days
Statistical Process Control for Maintenance 3 days
Stock Out Elimination 1 day
Supervising With Statistical Process Control 1 day
Supervising in a Total Quality Management Environment 3 days
Supervisory Training 2 days
Supplier Certification 2 days
Team Building 3 days
Team Leader Training 1 day
Team Recorder Training 1 day
Total Productive Maintenance 2 days
Total Quality Management 2 days
Total Quality Management Executive Overview 4 hours
TQM Team Toolbox 2 days
Trainer and Facilitator 4 days
Utilizing The Advanced Quality Method 3 days
Value Analysis 1 day
Value Engineering 1 day