Need to reduce your setup time drastically, look no farther.


Who We Are

Founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1991 by Jerry Claunch the corporation has grown to serve national and international manufacturing organizations in the pursuit of competitiveness. We are a results oriented implementation organization. We specialize in developing solutions to your manufacturing problems.

Claunch & Associates, Inc. are the world wide leaders in implementing Setup Time Reduction and Statistical Quality Improvements. We believe these are the two most important issues facing manufacturers today and provide the greatest return on investment. Setup time reduction is not a sideline activity for us, it is our speciality.

Jerry Claunch authored two of the most recognized texts on setup time reduction and has more than 28 years experience in the implementation of this initiative. Within the last 5 years this company has become the leaders in implementing improvements that result in Rapid Changeovers. The process developed by Claunch & Associates, Inc. reduces the implementation of setup time reduction from months to days.

Guaranteed Results

Unlike companies that say you need to improve, Claunch & Associates, Inc. can provide all the information on what you need to do with guaranteed results. The guarantee is simple: "If Claunch & Associates, Inc. can not identify improvements that result in at least a 50% reduction in setup time, based on the setup they document at your facility, you pay nothing for their services, no matter how much time or costs they have incurred on your behalf." Click on FasTrack for more information.

Proven Experience

Without proven experience, Claunch & Associates, Inc. could not provide the above guarantee. The 8 step process they call FasTrack is recognized as the most comprehensive method to achieve rapid changeovers available today. The amount of time spent developing the recommended improvements is very short, which keeps your costs to a minimum. We normally can provide low cost improvements meaning you can receive a payback in 4 to 6 months.

Other companies will tell you to reduce setup time and may provide training in this area. Claunch & Associates, Inc. will take you all the way to bright. We advise you on what can be done to reduce your setup time, provide complete costs to implement, review the recommendations with your employees, implement the improvements, train all employees in the new changeover procedure and provide a baseline settings manual in order to hold the gains. This is a complete package, but you can choose to stop at any phase and complete the work yourself if you desire.

We can work one machine, a line, a department, cells, or your entire plant.

Remember: Once you reduce setup time you can increase manufacturing flexibility and profitability.