Reduce Your Costs, Improve Profits with Claunch and Associates

Claunch & Associates provides results oriented implementation and training in areas that are guaranteed to provide a return on investment greater than the cost. Productivity increase, defect prevention and cycle time reduction are just a few of the areas of expertise. This includes: Set-up Time Reduction, Cycle Time Reduction, Lean Manufacturing, Supplier Certification, Advanced Quality Method, Quality Management programs, Statistical Process Control, Make Ready Time Reduction, Total Quality Management, plus many others. Our clients have seen customer satisfaction increase while reducing costs. Employee satisfaction will also increase as these vital initiatives are achieved.

Our clients include small and medium size companies as well as fortune 500 companies. We have expertise in many industries such as packaging, food processing, machining, fabricating, printing, glass making, plastics of all types, and assembly to name just a few.

A Commitment to Excellence in Implementing Setup Time Reduction & Lean Manufacturing

We provide education, in-company training, courses and materials your trainers can teach, and software to support your cost improvement efforts. All of our materials are results oriented and make implementation a reality, they have been developed and refined to the point they are proven and guaranteed to work.